Our Approach

Scope of Financial Planning Services
Reviewing and prioritizing your goals and objectives.

As your Advisor I will meet with you to gather information about your specific

goals and objectives. During this meeting we will discuss questions about current needs,

future goals, and feelings about the risk inherent in the marketplace. 

Then by incorporating your personal data and your feelings about acceptable level of risk in your

portfolio, using principles of Modern Portfolio Theory, I will be able to construct a diversified 

portfolio of securities to meet long term goals and objectives while providing a level of comfort 

with short term changes in the value of the portfolio.

We take an objective based approach and encourage a method which divides assets into four categories
  • Assets earmarked for long term growth - in more than 10 years         
  • Assets categorized for balanced growth needed in 5 to 10 years
  • Assets categorized for preservation needed in 3-5 years
  • Assets earmarked for short term needs
  • It really becomes a question of what is the purpose for your funds and when will you need to start using them.